CookingTime isn’t just a recipe manager, it’s made to work with you while you:

  1. Figure out what you want to make

  2. Make a list of groceries you need to buy

  3. Check off items as you shop

  4. Time the food as it cooks

You can enter your custom recipes then add them to a meal with a simple tap.  Once you’ve put your meal together, CookingTime can automatically build your shopping list for you.  CookingTime has 5 built-in timers to keep track of your food so it’s done perfectly every time.

You can find CookingTime in the iTunes store.  CookingTime is being updated regularily - I need feedback and suggestion to make this the best cooking application on the iPhone.  Please don’t hesitate to email ideas and comments to

Now updated: CookingTime v1.1

CookingTime is Copyright 2009 by Dan Pilone.  Icon work by AJ Janavel.